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About Us

We believe finales are important

Celebrations of lives well lived. Great endings. 


Space is spectacular. It is unknown. It is beautiful. It is everlasting.


For some, spending eternity in space is a great fit.


For them. For who they are. For who they were. 



A spectacular journey and the ultimate finale


The rocket launch, deployment, second-stage maneuvering, and then being there forever more - are unique and highly exclusive. It would be our pleasure to manage your loved one's journey. 


For us, privacy and confidentiality are paramount. We can assure you complete discretion. Or we can work with you to make your or your loved one's finale the best-known event of the year. We support you however you wish to be supported. 

Options for ashes
Pet ashes in space



The word Finale backwards

Create a finale that works for you or your loved one. It is the end of a great journey. Finales should be the culmination of a life so well lived. We support those who are interested in a spectacular high-end finale. 


There are other good space burial companies. They send a symbolic amount of ashes on an exciting journey. Elaníf is different. Our focus is less on symbolism and more on a true space burial. Elaníf sends any amount of remains, in any form, and to unique destinations. Be the first to explore some of these destinations.

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